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This blog is not written in the hope that anyone will find it interesting; it's a visual record of my life which I will be referring to it when I'm old and decrepit. I will not be swearing in my blogs in case my grandkids read it.

I am a graphic designer who lives in Pembrokeshire. I like living in Pembrokeshire because the landscape and culture allow me to do all the things I enjoy, surfing, biking, playing rugby, climbing and boozing with my mates.

I run a website design business in Pembrokeshire calledTP10 Website Design Pembrokeshire

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Leafy Butterfly

26 August 2014
Ollie saw this little plant and thought it was a butterfly. Click on image to view a larger version.

Woodland Walks 2

26 August 2014
Ollie took a walk in the deep dark wood...

Woodland Walks

26 August 2014
My boy Ollie is nearly 2 now and has recently started to enjoy wandering around the woods. I love this too, so its great doing stuff together that we both enjoy. We have found our first few Geo-cache's too! Click on image to view a larger version.

70.3 Training

25 August 2014
I'm doing a 70.3 triathlon in September. I've been stepping up the training a lot recently. I was in the sea in Tenby early this morning. Click on image to view a larger version.

Dyfi Enduro

21 August 2014
A few months back a group of us took part in the Dyfi Enduro. A tough mountain bike race set in mid Wales. Its a 35 mile route with 6,500ft of climbing (that's a lot!). This photo was taken before we set off. Click on image to view a larger version.

DaiHard 2014

21 August 2014
At the end of July I took part in an event which i helped organise called the 'DaiHard'. It involves a mile swim, 80 miles of biking and 10 miles of running in one day. We had a stunning sunny day for it. It is a private event organised to rasie money for the Princes Gate Trust . So far the event has raised around 5000. This photo is taken during a water stop on top of the Preseli Hills. Click on image to view a larger version.

Back to Italy

21 August 2014
We went back to Italy again this year. This time for a family wedding. We stayed at a complex of 'Trulis' run by a family member, it is available for booking by the public ( this is their website). It is set in between olive trees, vines and sunshine! Click on image to view a larger version.

Van built!

24 June 2014
It's taken a while but the van kit I bought from Amdro is now built and installed! I'm really happy with the results.

The kit from Amdro is really well made and is fairly easy to prepare and install.

Each part of the kit is available separately and comes as a flat-pack. The key part of the build is the floor it. It has pre-drilled holes in place ready for the furniture to be screwed into, so there is no guess work or need to drill yourself. Each piece of furniture (the bench, table, seat, cooker unit, sink unit) is screwed in separately. Its very easy to install and you can take everything out of the van in less than 10 minutes.

The plus points for this kit are:
  • Modular - easy to install and take out. A lot of the conversions I looked at are fixed in the back.
  • It sits 4 around a table - the van will be used primarily as a day van, so being able to sit down and eat in it (with my 2 year old) was a must.
  • Loads of storage - plenty of places to stuff wetsuits, duvets etc. You can also use the full length of the van floor as the front of the storage bench lifts up. I think you can get an 8ft surfboard inside.
  • The rear seat sits 3 with seat-belts. The seat-belts are fixed to the chassis not the seat itself. (I looked into 'rock n roll' beds, there is no legislation for their safety and they take up loads of room), meaning there is no...
  • Boot space! - You can easily fit 2 bikes in the boot (with front wheels off)
  • It's made in Wales with sustainable birch plywood.
  • Iwan, the guy in charge at Amdro is really helpful and supportive.
Click on image to view a larger version.

Campervan conversion

09 June 2014
Im currently working on a conversion project for my campervan. Its a VW T5 which was formally a panelvan. I've had it carpeted on the inside and I've bought a kit from Amdro to fit to the inside. More photos soon! Not much to see in this photo sorry, but it will hopefully offer some contrast to the finished van!

Bike restoration

15 April 2014
I finally finished the bike I was restoring (scroll down to see it before). I had to completely strip the frame down for it to be powder coated, then built it back up, cleaning and polishing every part. The hardest part was the bottom bracket and the nightmare 'cottered' crank. I'm pleased with the results and best of all its really good fun to ride. Click on image to view a larger version.
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